Respiratory Medicine

If there is one thing that a respiratory medicine rotation will show you, it’s that smoking is literally the most stupid thing anyone could ever do. Depressingly, some patients will still be smoking despite their lung disease…

For exams, I would strongly recommend learning the treatment regimes for asthma and COPD (note that they changed the NICE guidelines for asthma during my degree, therefore my notes have been amended but video III has not as YouTube wouldn’t let me annotate it). I would also suggest learning the FEV and FVC characteristics for different types of lung conditions as these are often useful clues given in exam questions.

I used The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine to study respiratory medicine, and the videos I made are here:

Respiratory Medicine I: infectious respiratory disorders

Respiratory Medicine II: acute respiratory problems

Respiratory Medicine III: chronic respiratory problems

Respiratory Medicine IV: misc. other respiratory disorders


The notes I made are here:

Respiratory Medicine 1

Respiratory Medicine 2

Respiratory Medicine 3

Respiratory Medicine 4

I also made some other respiratory medicine notes over clinical years which are here: Respiratory Medicine 5 – additional notes


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