Renal Medicine

For renal medicine notes, I used The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine which I thought gave a pretty good overview of the subject. The only thing I would say is that looking back, I wonder if perhaps it was unnecessary to cover the more unusual types of Glomerulonephritis.

The renal videos were the first videos I ever made purely for my own use as I found it helpful to talk through the subject and then be able to listen to myself going over it again in the future. They are not the greatest quality as I didn’t think I’d be making them public on YouTube, but here they are:

Renal Medicine I: pre-renal problems

Renal Medicine II: renal problems

Renal Medicine III: post-renal problems (+urinary retention, incontinence and UTIs)

Renal Medicine IV: renal failure etc


The notes are here:

Renal Medicine 1

Renal Medicine 2

Renal Medicine 3

Renal Medicine 4

I also gathered some additional notes over the years which are here: Renal Medicine 5

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