Although kids are basically simply ‘mini-adults’, paediatrics is a surprisingly large subject as it encompasses all the random rashes, infections etc that are more common in children than adults. It also overlaps with other specialties such as obstetrics and dermatology.

Concentrate on rashes and paediatric infections as these tend to be the types of things that crop up in exams as they are easy for the examiner to describe. Helpfully, examiners always seem to stick to the very classic, ‘text book’ descriptions of things, so if you can learn these key words and phrases, you can get to the correct answer. For instance ‘pearly lesions with a central umbilication’ means Molluscum Contagiosum, a ‘barking cough’ means Croup, and ‘drawing up of the legs’ in a distressed infant means Intussusception.

To study paediatrics I used The Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics (4th. Ed) by Lissauer & Clayden. The videos I made are here:

Paediatrics I: neonates

Paediatrics II: misc. congenital disorders

Paediatrics III: congenital heart disease

Paediatrics IV: infections

Paediatrics V: respiratory conditions

Paediatrics VI: gastrointestinal and renal/urological problems

Paediatrics VII: disorders of growth, development and behaviour

Paediatrics VIII: disorders of the blood

Paediatrics IX: neurological conditions and strabismus

Paediatrics X: miscellaneous conditions


The notes I made are here:

Paediatrics 1

Paediatrics 2

Paediatrics 3

Paediatrics 4

Paediatrics 5

Paediatrics 6

Paediatrics 7

Paediatrics 8

Paediatrics 9

Paediatrics 10

There are also some extra notes I gathered in the back of my folder for Paeds which are here: Paediatrics 11 – additional notes

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