Orthopaedics is a bit dull in my opinion, but is relatively straight forward so not too bad to learn. I used An Orthopedic Clerkship Mini Text – it’s free, simply written and I didn’t really need anything else more complicated.

The videos I made are here:

Orthopaedics I: conditions of the neck and spine

Orthopaedics II: conditions of the shoulder

Orthopaedics III: conditions of the upper limb

Orthopaedics IV: conditions of the hand

Orthopaedics V: conditions of the hip

Orthopaedics VI: conditions of the lower limb (incl. the knee)

Orthopaedics VII: conditions of the foot and ankle

Orthopaedics VIII: miscellaneous


The notes I made are here:

Orthopaedics 1

Orthopaedics 2

Orthopaedics 3

Orthopaedics 4

Orthopaedics 5

Orthopaedics 6

Orthopaedics 7

Orthopaedics 8

Orthopaedics 9

Orthopaedics 10

Orthopaedics 11 – additional notes




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