Ophthalmology wasn’t really taught to us at medical school- there was just a sort of online learning thing we were told to do and that was it. In fact, even getting clinical experience in it was a bit of a challenge; I turned up at a couple of clinics and tried to get fundoscopy signed off only to be told that the ophthalmology department stopped using fundoscopes years ago…

I think I used Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine to create my notes for ophthalmology. I actually found it quite a nice, easy topic to study as there are relatively few things you need to know as a non-specialist in the subject. Generally exam questions give very ‘text book’ descriptions of a case so you can usually spot what the diagnosis is quite easily.

The videos I made are here:

Ophthalmology I: the outer eye

Ophthalmology II: the inner eye


The notes for the videos are here:

Ophthalmology 1

Ophthalmology 2


I also had some extra notes which are here:

Ophthalmology 3

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