I find neurology challenging, quite difficult to organise, and actually really rather boring if I’m honest! I decided to structure neurology into ‘issues’ as that seemed the most logical way of going about it; issues with blood supply, issues with movement etc. I used The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine for my notes and the videos are here:

Neurology I: issues with the blood supply and drainage of the brain

Neurology II: problems with hearing and balance (+ seizures and epilepsy)

Neurology III: inflammation and infection of the CNS

Neurology IV: problems with movement

Neurology V: myopathies and neuropathies

Neurology VI: neurodegenerative diseases

Neurology VII: miscellaneous neurology


The notes are here:

Neurology 1

Neurology 2

Neurology 3

Neurology 4

Neurology 5

Neurology 6

Neurology 7

I also have some additional notes that I gathered together which are here: Neurology 8

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