Learn endocrinology well- it’s easy marks!! Examiners love questions where they give you a short description of someone with vague symptoms (‘Mrs Jones feels a bit tired’ or something like that) and then some biochemistry values. If you have learnt which hormones or whatever go up or down in which endocrinological problem, you can usually get the answer right by looking at these values.

I know it’s a pain having to learn these little details but it really helps you to confidently answer questions in the exam!

I used The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine to study endocrinology. The videos I made are here:

Endocrinology I: Diabetes (mellitus & insipidus)

Endocrinology II: the adrenal glands

Endocrinology III: the thyroid and parathyroid glands

Endocrinology IV: misc. other endocrinological disorders


The notes I made are here:

Endocrinology 1

Endocrinology 2

Endocrinology 3

Endocrinology 4

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