My medical school rather ignored dermatology for some reason, and we were simply given some optional tutorials and clinics to attend if we wished. I found that learning dermatology well was really useful for exams as the questions on this topic tend to be relatively straightforward and easy, meaning that you can pick up marks.

Learn the classic presentations and these will almost always be the ones trotted out in an exam question; ‘pearly lesions with a central umbilication’ is Molluscum Contagiosum, ‘honey coloured crusting around the mouth’ is Impetigo, ‘a rolled edge with telangectasia and a central crater’ is a BCC etc. You can spot the correct answer a mile off if you have learnt the key words and phrases!

To create my notes I used Dermatology: a handbook for medical students and junior doctors which is free, brilliant and contains everything you need to know for the exam!

The videos I made are here:

Dermatology I: inflammation, infection etc

Dermatology II: blistering disorders and skin cancer

Dermatology III: dermatological emergencies


The notes I made are here:

Dermatology 1

Dermatology 2

Dermatology 3

Dermatology 4 – additional notes


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