How To Pass Medical School

Medical school is hell. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t done it can ever quite understand what an unpleasant journey it is. You are tired, your brain actually hurts with the amount of information you are required to put in it, and despite the fact that you may have just spent eight hours in the hospital, you then have to get home and start studying because you know if you don’t, you wont pass that exam in two weeks time. And all of this work is totally unpaid.

It’s worse than any other degree, including Law School (I know of someone who went to law school and then medical school and he has confirmed this). Getting a part-time job is almost impossible unless you’re a particularly gifted student as you simply can’t dedicate that much of your time to earning money when you have to study instead. You have to watch the rest of your contemporaries graduate from University and get jobs, whilst you remain impoverished, living in crappy student accommodation (or still living with your parents in my case). You have to listen to them complaining about how their boss is giving them a hard time and how much they’re looking forward to their holiday in the Caribbean next week and try not to point out that you spent Christmas Day studying anatomy and you haven’t been able to shake that constant feeling of guilt for 6 years that you’re not studying enough and if you don’t remember the drugs for anaphylaxis soon someone might actually die and it will be all your fault.

You get to the point of secretly wanting to punch someone who says ‘Oh wow, you’re still a student? Enjoy it while you can, I would love to be a student again’!

Above is a picture of my medical school notes. These were created over the course of my clinical years in an attempt to collate the gigantic volume of information Junior Doctors are required to know to start work. I am uploading them here, along with videos of me talking them through on YouTube to try to make future medical students’ lives a little bit easier.

I hope you find this site useful and all the best of luck; trust me, the satisfaction and relief at the end of it all is worth it!